Mercer Area Boomtown Initiative

The Boomtown Initiative is open to everyone, including the community, businesses, etc.  Meetings are posted on our Event Calendar.

We have the following Boomtown Committees:All Roads Lead to Mercer

  • Agriculture/Residential Real-Estate
  • Beautification/Art/Historical/Marketing
    (Chairs: Dee Dee Zickar/Nicole Ryan/Mike Craig/Jillene Arrow)
  • Light Industry/Retails
  • Quality of Life & Activities/Welcome
    (Chairs: Katlin McElrath/Dr. Hendley Hogue)
  • Youth
    (Chairs: Ryan Hamilton/Ian Titus)
  • Government Relations Committee
    (Chair: Shane Nugent)

Anyone is welcome to join these Committees.

The Mercer Art Collective is heading up the down town murals initiative.

Mural Progress Sept 2015

Mural Progress – Sept 2015

For more information contact the chamber:  (724) 662-4185 or follow us on the Mercer Area Boomtown Facebook page.