Munnell Run Farm Foundation Inc.

MRF logoThe Munnell Run Farm Foundation, Inc. established its 501c(3) designation in 2002.  That same year, the foundation signed a 99-year lease and conservation easement with the Mercer County Commissioners that granted the foundation operational control of Munnell Run Farm.  The MRFF, Inc.’s mission is “…to make Munnell Run Farm (MRF) a destination where people of all ages and abilities can find inspiration in nature, agriculture, and local history.  We do this to nurture a conservation ethic in our youth and adults through hands-on programs…”  MRF is a remnant of the agricultural lands that surrounded and supported the 353-acre Mercer County Home and Hospital, also known as the “Poor Farm”.  Today, it contains 163 acres of cropland, woodland, pasture, and riparian forested wetlands that are owned by the County of Mercer and managed by the Munnell Run Farm Foundation, Inc.

MRF has a wide array of facets to showcase not only environmental education, but also alternative energy options and best management practices in agriculture.  Some of the many things you can see on the farm include our gravity-fed, solar panel-driven watering system; wind turbine; unique farm animal, the “trout”; a walking trail in our woodlot; and many different best-management practices that have been implemented over the years, from fenced cattle crossings to riparian buffer zones, to rotational crop management and rtational grazing practices.  Rain’s Angus are also housed on the farm by Rain’s family.  This farm serves as a venue to protect and enhance the soil and water resources within the watershed, while educating others about the benefits of sound rural land use.

753 Greenville Rd.
Mercer, PA 16137