Annual Dinner

2017 Annual Dinner Award Winners:

Non-Profit Business of the Year – Twice Blessed Thrift Shop (Linda Porter, Carol Mitchell, and Patti Phillips; Business of the Year – iXL Rehab & Fitness Center (Mike Sharr and Phil Hosack); General Hugh Mercer Award Recipients – Sharon and Ed Dittrich; Citizen of the Year – Ginny Richardson.

Mercer Area Chamber 2017 Annual Dinner Award Winners

(left to right) Linda Porter, Carol Mitchell, Patti Phillips, Mike Sharr, Phil Hosack, Sharon & Ed Dittrich, Ginny Richardson

2016 Annual Dinner Recap:

(Photo 1) 2016 Winners from left to right: Robert Lark, President – The Mercer County Historical Society (Non-Profit Business); Kathryn & John Breese – Breese Heating & Cooling (Business of the Year); Dee Dee Zickar – Recorder of Deeds (Citizen of the Year); Jennifer Bungar – Primary Health Network (General Hugh Mercer Award Recipient).

(Photo 2) Commissioner Proclamations, from left to right: Commissioner Scott Boyd, John & Kathryn Breese, Dee Dee Zickar, Jennifer Bungar, Robert Lark.

(Photo 3) State Rep. Citations, from left to right: John & Kathy Breese, State Representative Tedd Nesbit, Dee Dee Zickar, Jennifer Bungar, Robert Lark.

(Photos 4 – 6): Random photos of attendees.

(Photo 7): John & Kathryn Breese, Breese Heating & Cooling, 2016 Business of the Year.

(Photo 8): Jennifer Bungar, Primary Health Network, 2016 General Hugh Mercer Award Recipient.

(Photo 9): Dee Dee Zickar, Recorder of Deeds, 2016 Citizen of the year.

This year’s Annual Dinner was held at Spring Valley Golf Club & Lodge.

2015 Annual Dinner Recap:

(Photo 1) Citizen of the Year: Tom Jones

(Photo 2) Business of the Year: Spring Valley Golf Club & Lodge

(Photo 3) Non-Profit Business of the Year: The Chapel at Mercer

(Photo 4) General Hugh of Mercer: Gail Habbyshaw, accepted by: Inger Oakes

(Photo 5) Rep. Tedd Nesbit, Mercer Area Chamber Board President: Shane Nugent, Mercer Area Chamber of Commerce Chamber Director: Dotty Pintar, and Rep. Tedd Nesbit.

This years annual dinner was held at the Springfield Grille on Monday, May 18, 2015. Citations were presented by Rep. Parke Wentling, Rep. Tedd Nesbit and Mercer Area Chamber Board President Shane Nugent.

2014 Annual Dinner Recap:

Photo 1: Marcel Ferrere, Bev and John Pas, Representing Renzor LLC, Business of the Year

Photo 2: Dr. Hendley Hoge, General Hugh Mercer Award Recipient; Rachel Martin, Citizen of the Year; Julia Adams, Representing Children’s Aid Society, Non-Profit Business of the Year; Marcel Ferrere, Representing Reznor LLC, Business of the Year

Photo 3: Children’s Aid Society:  Non-Profit Business of the Year

Photo 4: Speaker, Joseph George of Joy Cone Co.