Membership Application

Mission Statement:

To foster, encourage and promote commercial, civic and industrial interest in the Mercer area through the collective networking efforts of its membership.

Dues Structure:

  • Individuals:  $25.00 – Persons not related to a business who wish to become a member of the Chamber such as elected officials and school personnel.
  • Friends of the Chamber: $35.00 – Businesses that want to link to our website.
  • Nonprofits: $50.00 – Organizations and Churches.
  • Small Business: $75.00 – Businesses which employ less than ten (10) people on
    a full time basis. All individual Factory Shop Outlet stores shall be presumed to fit in this category.
  • Professional: $125.00 – Those engaging in one of the traditional professions such as doctors, lawyers, and post-secondary educators.
  • Large Business: $195.00 – Those employing the equivalent of ten (10) or more full time employees.
  • Utilities & Media: $225.00 – All public utilities, cable companies and media outlets.
  • Industrial: $295.00 – Those in the manufacturing business.
  • Financial: $300.00 – Organizations in the business of investing or advising others how to invest, or loaning money, whether in the public or private market.

If you prefer, you may Download the Chamber Membership Application and the List of Chamber Member Benefits print, complete, and fax or mail to:

Mercer Area Chamber of Commerce
143 North Diamond Street
Mercer, Pennsylvania 16137
Phone: (724) 662-4185


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